Rules of Play

Set Up

Take the lid off the container and dump out all of the Stix into a central pile. The lid is now your playing surface - you can play down low with it on a flat solid surface, or if you have the nerve, place the lid back onto the container for a highly explosive experience!

Game Play

For ages 6+. Play on a hard surface for best results. Play starts with the youngest player first. Take one unplayed Stix from the central pile and set it (see GIF). If you have done it correctly, the Stix should be locked in a triangule shape. Then, using the large tab as a holding point, place the set Stix carefully in the middle of the playing surface as shown.

Play continues with players taking turns to choose an unplayed Stix from the central pile, setting it and then stacking one at a time.

If the pile explodes because of you, you lose!

Game FAQs

What If Stixs Fall Off On My Turn?

If the Stix fall off during your turn but the pile doesn’t explode, you must reset and replace all of those Stix that have fallen before you complete your turn. If the pile explodes during this time, you lose!

What if I Use All The Stixs Without An Explosion?

If you are able to use all 32 Stix and still not cause a Boom Blast Stix explosion please contact your local authorities and let them know you are a total legend. Then pull out your smartphone and start recording (in slo-mo if possible) and purposely explode your pile as an epic celebration of your achievement! #Boomblaststix

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